What is Tlotsa

Tlotsa Products: Here’s What You Need To Know (2020 Update)

What is Tlotsa?

If you’ve asked yourself that question lately, then you’ve come to the right place.

Because today I will discuss what Tlotsa is.


You will also learn which Tlotsa products are available on the market and who is behind the Tlotsa brand.


Let’s get started.

What is Tlotsa, Exactly?

Tlotsa is a line of natural-based skin and hair care products. The Tlotsa products are made and packaged by the Tlotsa Company in Lesotho. They are formulated with aloe vera as the main active ingredient. The products are available in a range of formulations including a cream, jelly, body soap, face soap, skincare oil, body butter, foot powder and glycerine.

10 Tlotsa products

The Tlotsa brand was started in 2010, and it has since grown to over eleven different products.

So what can you use the Tlotsa products for?

I hear you ask.

Short answer: For a variety of skin conditions.

I am talking about skin conditions such as blemishes, stretch marks, wrinkles, dark areas, uneven skin tone, dark spots, dry and stressed skin.

I will cover the Tlotsa products in the next section. So keep reading.

The Tlotsa hair products (Tlotsa conditioner, shampoo and hair food) can moisturise and revitalise hair, promote hair growth and to prevent dandruff.

Now the question is…

So what are these Tlotsa products I’m talking about?

Read on.

Top 10 Tlotsa Products You Should Know

Now you are familiar with the Tlotsa brand and where it comes from let. I will enlighten you on which products are available on the market.

Here are the 10 Tlotsa products available on the market

  1. Tlotsa Glycerine
  2. Tlotsa Agave Herbal Cream
  3. Tlotsa Agave Herbal Jelly
  4. Tlotsa Skincare Oil
  5. Tlotsa Body Butter
  6. Tlotsa Shampoo
  7. Tlotsa Conditioner
  8. Tlotsa Hairfood
  9. Tlotsa Soap (Sesepa)
  10. Tlotsa Face Soap Bar

1.) Tlotsa Glycerine

Tlotsa glycerine is formulated with aloe extracts and prickly pear. It’s available on the market as a 100ml bottle.

So what can you use the Tlotsa glycerine for?

Good question.

It has powerful healing properties that can reduce skin redness, puffiness, the appearance of dark spots and dark areas.

Tlotsa Glycerine

Tlotsa glycerine can also minimise the formation wrinkles, thanks to the anti-ageing properties of prickly pear.

You can also use the Tlotsa glycerine on your hair, to give it sleek, tangle-free sheen.

Still with me?


Now let move on to the Tlotsa Agave herbal cream

2.) Tlotsa Agave Herbal Cream

The Tlotsa Agave Herbal Cream is a fantastic cream that you can use daily as a moisturiser.

It nourishes and revitalises your skin, leaving it silky soft.

This cream is far different from other moisturisers on the market.

Tlotsa Agave Herbal Cream

It is not just a pure cream but is enriched with glycerine, aloe extracts, mineral oils and prickly pear extracts.

With such a combination of ingredients, Tlotsa Agave herbal cream is a perfect tool in your arsenal to fight wrinkles, blemishes, uneven skin tone, dark spots and stretch marks.

The cream is available on the market in 125g or 250g sizes.

3.) Tlotsa Agave Herbal Jelly

If you like Vaseline jelly, then you will LOVE the Tlotsa Agave Herbal Jelly.

It’s jelly good for dry skin conditions.

Tlotsa Agave Herbal Jelly

It is enriched with aloe extracts and can alleviate inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis

You can also use the Tlotsa jelly to rejuvenate dull and tired skin, making it look young and radiant.

But wait – there’s more:

The Tlotsa jelly can also hydrate your skin by creating a barrier on the surface that lock-in moist and facilitates skin natural recovery process.

You can use the jelly to stimulate hair growth, stagnate alopecia and prevent dandruff by keeping your scalp moist.

The Tlotsa Agave Herbal Jelly is available as a 125g or 250g tube.

Now let’s move on to the Tlotsa skincare oil

4.) Tlotsa Skincare Oil

Tlotsa Skincare oil is formulated with a blend of essential oils that have powerful and amazing skin healing properties.

Let’s look at it:

It is formulated top-notch seed oils available on the market.

Tlotsa Skincare Oil

So what am I talking about?

I am talking about

  • Pure Rosehip oil
  • Grapeseed oil,
  • Lavender oil,
  • Geranium oil,
  • Jojoba oil,
  • Carrot seed oil

And a blend of essential oils.

With such a mixture of heavy hitters, the Tlotsa skincare oil does a fantastic job in fighting scars and ageing skin.

It also works great to reduce stretch marks, uneven skin tone, stressed and dry skin

Here’s what’s great about it:

You can use as a face oil TO BRIGHTEN UP your skin and treat WRINKLES.

Its smells divine.

It’s available as 100ml bottle.

We are not done yet. So grab a glass of water.

5.) Tlotsa Body Butter


We’ve covered Tlotsa glycerine, cream, jelly and skincare oil.

Now I will take you through the Tlotsa haircare products and the Tlotsa soaps.

But before I do that…

Let’s cover the Tlotsa body butter.

The Tlotsa body butter is your go-to butter if you’re someone with dry, dull skin and looking for a premium product to use daily.

Tlotsa Body Butter

It has 100% Pure Argan oil, shea butter, petroleum jelly, coconut oil and cocoa butter.

Tlotsa Body butter restores skin elasticity and will leave your skin feeling plumper and softer.

It will give your skin a youthful glow, fight wrinkles and stretch marks.

And that’s not all…

The butter can also help you fight acne.

It has powerful anti-oxidants (thanks to its ingredients) that reduce inflammation and heal damaged skin cells.

The butter is non-greasy – a perfect solution for acne-prone skin.

Tlotsa Body Butter is a powerful moisturiser and anti-ager, all-in-one.

It’s available as a 125g tub on the market.

6.) Tlotsa Shampoo

The Tlotsa Shampoo is a natural-based shampoo made from aloe extracts.

It comes in a 400ml bottle.

Tlotsa shampoo is an incredible hair cleanser capable of softening your hair that removes soil, oils, sweat and dead skin cells accumulated on the scalp.

Tlotsa Shampoo

It treats itchy and flaky scalp.

It also minimises hair fall and keeps the scalp nourished and moisturised.

To top it all:

The aloe vera based Tlotsa shampoo can increase blood flow to your scalp, resulting in hair growth.

Combining the Tlotsa shampoo with the Tlotsa conditioner can produce amazing results, leading to less hair breakage and hair loss.

But last not least, the Tlotsa shampoo is less harsh on hair. It’s FREE FROM SULPHATES.

We still riding together., right?


Let’s continue

7.) Tlotsa Conditioner

Tlotsa conditioner is another hit from the powerful Tlotsa hair combo.

Using the Tlotsa conditioner frequently will improve the appearance, feel and manageability of your hair.

It makes combing and brushing your hair far easy by reducing friction between your hair strands.

Tlotsa Conditioner

Using the Tlotsa conditioner has a variety of benefits. It prevents hair breakage and tangling.

It also makes your hair soft and smooth.

Not only that…

the Tlotsa conditioner is a powerful tool to fight frizzy hair, to define curl or increase hair volume.

8.) Tlotsa Hairfood

Tlotsa Hairfood is formulated with a combination of avocado and aloe plant extracts.

It is one of the most potent hair food on the market.

Here’s why…

First, it’s naturally based.

Applying the Tlotsa hair food daily will nourish your hair, FORTIFYING it with the naturally occurring ingredients.

Tlotsa Hair Food

It will give your hair that silky smooth and robust feel.

And thanks to the Avocado, the Tlotsa hair food will coat your hair shaft and help it retain moisture – providing long-lasting, deep hydration.

It also has a high content of antioxidants to prevent hair damage from free radicals.



This hair food is also enriched with aloe extracts – synonymous with other Tlotsa products.

The aloe has proteolytic enzymes which repair dead skin cells on the scalp.

Not only that…

It will also condition your hair, promote hair growth, prevent itching scalp and reduce dandruff.

The hair food is also formulated with shea butter, vitamin E, petroleum jelly and a blend of essential to promote hair growth (by unclogging hair follicles) and prevent dandruff as well as nourish it.

9.) Tlotsa Sesepa

Tlotsa Soap is a 100% Pure Soap enriched with Aloe and Moringa for healthy-looking skin

Using the soap will protect your skin from bacteria and other pathogens that may cause infection and inflammation.

Tlotsa soap also works as an astringent—by reducing your skin pore size, making your skin less oily (reduces sebum production).

Oily skin can affect your self-esteem and body image hastily.

If you have oily skin, you know too much sebum is a real pain.

Tlotsa Sesepa (Soap) 160

Using the Tlotsa soap daily reduces the sebum secretion, fights bacteria, purify your skin by filtering out impurities deeply rooted within the skin.

This soap has an amazing detoxifying and rejuvenating properties that your enhance natural skin colour and tone

The aloe and moringa-rich Tlotsa soap hinder ageing.

It is also rich in vitamins C, E and beta carotene (a precursor to vitamin A) – which plays a critical role in anti-ageing.

The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of the two ingredients play a significant role in lightening blemishes.

Using the Tlotsa soap frequently is an excellent natural treatment to acne, reducing blemishes, lightening age spots, freckles, and having a right facial skin tone.

The soap is available in 100g and 160g sizes.

Now let’s jump to the Tlotsa face soap bar

10.) Tlotsa Face Soap Bar

So what’s the Tlotsa soap bar? Is it different from the Tlotsa Sesepa (soap)?

Quick answer: yes

Tlotsa Face Soap Bar is a powerful 2-in-1 face wash and exfoliator.

Tlotsa Face Soap Bar

It is a mild soap that can be used for any skin.

Here’s what makes the Tlotsa soap brilliant:

The face bar has exfoliating beads and enriched with aloe vera extracts, Rose-hip oil and tea-tree oil..

The beads will mildly exfoliate your facial skin sweeping away all the dead skin cells along with other debris left behind while cleansing your face.

Thus, preventing the formation of whiteheads and blackheads.

The face soap will also unclog your skin pores – making you less vulnerable to pimples.

Aloe vera extracts in the Tlotsa face soap bar speeds up the healing of sunburned skin (thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties).

Beyond that…

It also prevents wrinkles by increasing skin collagen production and skin elasticity. The anti-bacterial properties of aloe vera help to prevent acne, reduce redness, oiliness and inflammation caused by acne.

Tlotsa Face Soap Bar back

Using the face bar daily will prevent freckles and dark spots caused by sun exposure.

The Rosehip oil included on the soap also helps to fight acne. It also evens skin tone, lightens dark spots, fades scars, smoothens out wrinkles, under-eye bags and stretch marks.

So once you use the Tlotsa Soap Bar, you will enjoy a smooth and glowing facial skin.

The soap is foamy and not harsh on sensitive skin. Its scent isn’t at all overpowering.

So Who’s Behind Amazing Tlotsa Brand?

The company was founded in 2010 by Maneo Malataliana – after she spent five years unemployed with her mechanical engineering degree.

Maneo Mataliana from Tlotsa Company

Picture: Maneo Mataliana from Tlotsa Company (On your right)

In the beginning, Maneo only produced 200 litres of petroleum jelly a month.

But today her company produces over 4000 litres a month and supply local supermarkets, sales agents in Botswana and South Africa (including us).

And her product range has grown into over ten different products.

Here’s where you can buy Tlotsa products in South Africa.

So where can I buy Tlotsa products?

Great question.

Right here. On this site.


We are the only ONLINE retailer for Tlotsa products in South Africa.

From the Tlotsa cream, jelly glycerine, to Tlotsa skincare oil, body butter and Tlotsa hair food – we’ve everything in the house.

So whether you want Tlotsa bulk stock (to sell in your local community), Tlotsa combos or just individual Tlotsa products, we are the guys for you.

So where do we source the Tlotsa products?

We import the Tlotsa products directly from the Tlotsa company in Lesotho and bring them to you at ridiculously low prices. Thousands of our happy customers use Tlotsa products to get rid of stretch marks, dark areas, dark spots, wrinkles, scars, blemishes, and to revitalise and grow their hair.

With Tlotsa.store, you’ll enjoy incredible benefits such as free (for order more than R400 – excluding bulk stock) and fast nationwide delivery.

Tlotsa.store is a secure online store that has multiple payment methods to choose from, including:

  • Debit/ Cheque/ Credit Card,
  • FNB ATM Deposits,
  • Capitec cellphone banking and
  • Direct deposits.

To find out more information or to shop at Tlotsa.store, visit the online store: www.Tlotsa.store otherwise, follow Tlotsa.store on Facebook or Twitter (@tlotsadotcom).


I hope this article has answered your questions about the Tlotsa brand and its products.

I would love to hear from you.

What do you think about Tlotsa products?

Or maybe you have a question.

Either way, leave your comment below

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