250g Tlotsa Agave Herbal Cream
Tlotsa Cream [250g]
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Tlotsa Cream [250g]


Tlotsa agave herbal cream is amazing cream made out of natural ingredients (prickly pear and aloe). By using it daily, it will help you get rid of stretch marks, blemishes, reduce wrinkle appearance and dark spot in the face and the body.

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About the Tlotsa Agave Herbal Cream

The Tlotsa Agave Herbal Cream is a fantastic cream you can use daily as a moisturiser.

It nourishes and revitalises your skin, leaving it silky soft. This cream is far different from other moisturisers on the market.

It is not just a pure cream but is enriched with glycerine, aloe extracts, mineral oils and prickly pear extracts.

With such a combination of ingredients, Tlotsa Agave herbal cream is a perfect tool in your arsenal to fight wrinkles, blemishes, uneven skin tone, dark spots and stretch marks.

What can you use Tlotsa Agave Herbal Cream for?

You can use the cream to:

  • Reduces dark marks (inner thighs, armpits, knuckles, knees, elbows) and blemishes
  • Prevents the formations of wrinkles and fine lines (it has anti-ageing properties)
  • Minimizes inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis (Aloe in the cream has anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Brighten up your skin tone (It’s not a bleaching agent)
  • To improve your skin elasticity, making it soft and silky smooth.

How to Use the Tlotsa Agave Herbal Cream

  • Use the cream as your daily moisturiser
  • You can apply it once or twice a day to the affected areas or on the whole body
  • Use every day for best results as an aloe vera product is natural and healthy for the skin.
  • NB*** DO NOT mix it with any other lotions or harsh products as their combinations may cause a skin reaction.
  • Uses of the Tlotsa Agave Herbal Cream 

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