6 x Tlotsa Agave Herbal Jelly
Tlotsa Jelly or Vaseline (6 X 250g)
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Tlotsa Jelly or Vaseline (6 X 250g)


Struggling with stretch marks, dark underarms, dark inner thighs, pimples, hard skin/heels or acne? It’s time to try one of the Tlotsa Combo.

Popularly sold as a 3-in-1 Tlotsa combo, the Tlotsa Skin Care Products contains prickly pear and aloe vera extracts as the main active ingredient that will help to restore and rejuvenate your skin.


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Get 6 packs of Tlotsa Agave Herbal Jelly.

Benefits of using Tlotsa Agave Herbal Jelly

 Rich in antioxidants and other mineral oils which work to maintain healthy skin.
 Use it to nourish your scalp and hair
 Natural hair conditioner
 Emollient for Dry skin
 Makes your hair shiny


Tlotsa Combo comes from Lesotho and is made from the indigenous prickly pear shrub and aloe vera. The combo comprises healing and softening agents that makes your skin soft and healthy due to the abundance of Vitamin E and K which help rejuvenate your skin and even the palms of your hands and feet. These prevent the formation of wrinkles and fine lines because it is very hydrating to the skin. Tlotsa is effective in removing hyper-pigmentation and stretch-marks for baby smooth skin.


2 reviews for Tlotsa Jelly or Vaseline (6 X 250g)

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    Hi my name is nomvula mkhize.i would like to be a tlosa distributoe how can i start…

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    I would like to be tlosa distributor what should I do to start

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