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About the Tlotsa Brightening Cream

Designed for those with normal or oily skin, the Tlotsa store is delighted to bring you the Tlotsa Brightening Cream gently removes impurities from the outer layer of dead skin cells that contribute to the build up of bacteria and sebum. The cream works by isolating dead skin cells from living ones, allowing them to be gently rubbed off without irritating your delicate skin. The cream is further enriched with vitamin E, guava and papaya fruit extracts which help to nourish your skin and protect it against free radicals.

The Tlotsa Brightening cream is a refreshing, non-greasy brightening moisturiser for day and night that will leave your skin clearer, healthier and more radiant. It enhances your skin’s natural radiance while delivering oxygen to the surface of the skin to encourage younger looking, revitalised skin. Our triple action formula brightens the dull and uneven appearance of your skin and accelerates cell renewal. A specific blend of Vitamin E helps to reduce pigmentation and sun damage with its antioxidant properties.

You will definitely experience the difference. This cream is not packed full of harmful skin irritants that can dehydrate and damage your skin. You’ll get a rich, moisturizing cream that’s free from mineral oil, artificial colors and fragrances.  Tlotsa Brightening Cream is rich in botanical actives that are naturally sourced to brighten and smooth away blemishes, leaving your skin soft and even.

It is enriched with Papaya

It’s time to brighten up your skin! Formulated with papaya, Tlotsa Brightening Cream is ideal for blemish-prone and acne-prone skin. Papaya provides gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and flaky patches on the top layer of your skin. It also contains papain, an enzyme that breaks down large proteins on your skin which can lead to blackheads and acne outbreaks. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties make it effective for soothing irritations and inflammations. Tlotsa Brighten Cream is a facial cream ideal for use on all skin types, suitable for both men and women.

Why you should try the Tlotsa Brightening Cream?

Skin can appear dull and lacking in radiance for a variety of reasons. But now, all your dull skin problems can be easily resolved with the Tlotsa Brightening Cream. This product is specially designed to brighten your skin, to give it back that lost golden glow. You won’t have to worry about the scars and dead skin cells anymore because this product exfoliates them away, leaving you fresh and radiant.



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Tlotsa Brightening Cream
Tlotsa Brightening Cream (25g)

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